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Sound familiar?


✅ Interaction between team members is inefficient, resulting in delays and low productivity.

✅ The presence of conflicts and disagreements in the team that hinder the achievement of common goals.

✅ Communication and collaboration within the team needs to be improved.


✅ Business processes are not optimised, which leads to unnecessary costs and reduced efficiency.

✅ Resource and cost management needs to be improved.

✅ Leaders are deeply involved in operational issues, with insufficient time for strategic tasks.

Adapting to a new role

✅ The need for support in taking on new responsibilities or moving to a higher level of leadership.

✅ Psychological stress and uncertainty when adapting to new leadership roles.

✅ The need to develop skills and self-education for successful adaptation.

Implementation of changes

✅ Lack of a plan and/or first step for successful change implementation.

✅ Employee resistance to change and the need to manage this resistance.

✅ The need for support in implementing changes in corporate culture and processes.


✅ Challenges related to the increase in workload and growth of the company/department/team.

✅ Lack of a strategy to successfully scale and attract new talent.

✅ The need to develop leaders to manage larger teams and expand the business.


Short-Term Coaching

  1. Initiation: The client and the coach define the main goal and the area to be worked on.
  2. Assessment: Determining the current state and identifying the first steps to achieve the goal.
  3. Action: The client develops and implements practical actions to achieve their goals.

Middle-Term+ Coaching

  1. Initiation and Co-Creation: The client and the coach define the purpose and approximate duration of the coaching, as well as discuss the expectations and responsibilities of both parties.
  2. Individual Sessions: Regular one-to-one sessions are held to explore and address specific client issues and goals.
  3. Deep Analysis and Development: The process takes longer and involves in-depth analysis of problems and the development of comprehensive strategies.
  4. Ongoing Support: The client receives ongoing support from a coach over a long period of time to achieve their goals and personal development.
  5. Assessment and Adaptation: The process is evaluated and adapted according to the results achieved and changes in the client’s needs.

Development of leadership skills

Coaching helps leaders improve their management and leadership skills

Increase productivity

Coach helps leaders develop strategies to improve productivity and efficiency of work processes


Coaching promotes self-awareness, which helps leaders better understand themselves and their motivations

Improved communication

Coaching helps leaders develop effective communication skills


A coach helps leaders develop the skills to make informed and strategic decisions

Developing relationships with the team

Coaching helps to improve the relationship between the leader and team members

Stress management

Coach helps leaders develop stress management and coping strategies


A coach helps leaders define and achieve their personal and professional goals

Adapting to change

Coaching helps leaders adapt to changes in the business environment

Increase leadership capacity

Coaching contributes to the development of leadership capabilities and increases the leader’s influence on the organisation and team


About me

My name is Alyona. I am a leader, a coach of leaders and a mother of two princesses. I have 15+ years of management experience in an international global environment and an Executive MBA.

My vocation is to help leaders and organisations develop and grow, and achieve the desired results.

My goal is to help improve decision-making processes and overcome complex systemic challenges, especially in times of organisational change and transformation.

My experience includes improving operational efficiency and the quality of products and services, as well as building teams and optimising processes, including creating them from scratch. I also actively support business growth and transformation strategies.

I am convinced that everything is possible if you have the will, awareness and action. And increasing awareness and growth through your own experience will be more effective with a coach who is like-minded to you.



Implementation of more than 60 change and improvement initiatives in a leadership roleі вдосконаленню в ролі лідера


Expanding the team and scaling processes in QA/Engineering from 60 to 250 employees, as well as expanding operations to 6 countries and developing 6 practices


Optimise and scale operational business processes globally, covering 10 countries, even in the face of organisational changes, mergers and acquisitions, as well as business growth and contraction in different countries


Management of the global budget amounting to $X million and a 30% reduction in excess expenses through the optimization and automation of business processes, improvement of collaboration with suppliers, and the reorganization of the team.

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My clients

1. Managers

Managers and leaders at all levels of the organisation

2. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized business owners

3. Leaders

Leaders looking for their own management style

4. People

People who want to develop and achieve leadership positions

Formats for cooperation

One session

Duration: 60 mins
Cost: 100 USD

System package

Duration: 4 meetings of 60 minutes
Cost: 350 USD, 2-3 months

Standard package

Duration: 10 meetings of 60 minutes
Cost: 900 USD, 4-6 months